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Sessions and speakers
Exercise Physiology for Indoor Cycling Instructors, Part 1
Dr Jennifer Klau - New to exercise physiology? Used to know it but can’t quite remember? This is where it all begins. This session will focus on key concepts for cycling instructors; it will be taught in everyday language with examples of how the information applies to your classes and your students. The information you take from this workshop will guide your class planning and help you give credible answers to questions from your students.
Respect the body, Respect the bike
Tom Scotto - Combat contraindications inappropriately popularized by the media and punch those false indoor cycling prophets in the mouth...with education. Take your riders beyond the workout and allow them to connect with their bodies in ways they've not experienced in the past. 
The Power Primer: The Basics of Training with Wattage
Dunte Hector - It’s official: power meters for indoor cycling are here to stay! This introductory session will arm you with the basics necessary to get your riders excited about training with power. The Power Primer will provide you with the essential information you need to monitor your work on the bike and your body's response to that work in terms of power output. Discover our Top-10 Best Power Practices that guarantee you provide meaningful content for each and every ride without overwhelming you or your class.
The Care and Feeding of New Students
Bill Roach - Nothing defines you more as an instructor than how you meet, reassure, inform and inspire new students. As an instructor, these are your most precious skills, and it is with new students that your skills are most needed, most valued and most lasting. Learn how to use those key moments in this session.
Where the Magic Happens
Jennifer Sage - As instructors, we often struggle to find a way to push our students to do more than they seem to be doing in class. We don’t want to push them too hard but we also don’t want them to continue on the path of stagnation with less than stellar results. This workshop will teach you how to inspire your students on a much deeper level. They will explore, and then exceed, their comfort zones!
How to Make a Fabulous First Impression
Dr Haley Perlus - Whether you are auditioning to get hired, teaching for the first time, picking up a new class, or substituting, this session is essential. Yes, you’ve studied your profiles and planned great music; you’re super excited to lead students through a tough yet fulfilling workout. Come discover the essential tips that will give you the best shot at skyrocketing your career as an indoor cycling instructor.
My Transition: A Former Aerobic Queen’s Journey Into the Great Outdoors
Pam Benchley - With no fancy moves or choreography to hide behind, many instructors feel like fish out of water when first teaching indoor cycling. Hence, the creation of various positions to keep it “interesting”. Join Stages® Indoor Cycling Master Educator and self-professed former hi-low junky Pam Benchley, as she recounts her tale of ditching the leotard and leg warmers for chamois butter and cycling cleats. Help your riders realize their own journey of self-discovery by transitioning your language and approach from that of the head cheerleader to mentor, coach, and life leader. Walk away with 10 tips to ease the transition from 'party on a bike' to Party with a Purpose!
Interval Insurrection
Tom Scotto - Intervals can have one meaning to indoor riders and another to those in the fitness world or that train outdoors. It is time to fight against the traditions of the past, infractions of the present, and injuries of the future. A great deal of group fitness classes and training are interval-based. Learn how to be the master of interval training through the appropriate manipulation of duration, intensity cadence, resistance, recovery, and cueing techniques. Get the maximum benefit and "enjoyment" from special interval protocols such as Lactate Tolerance, and the oh-so-popular, Tabata.
The Aging Athlete
Dixie Douville - Identify the physiologic changes that take place with the aging process and learn the benefits of various types of exercise on the older client. Identify modification techniques, including routines that will provide cardiovascular, strength, balance, and flexibility components appropriate for the aging client.
Conquering the Small Class Challenge
Dr Haley Perlus - Class numbers are not always what we would like them to be. Empty space scattered around the room can lower your energy levels and enthusiasm for teaching. Discover how you can take advantage of small class sizes. 
Teaching with Video
Tom Scotto - You've been hearing about all of these uber-cool cycling videos and you're dying to use them in your class, but it seems so complicated. This workshop will answer all of these questions and more. Don't let technology intimidate you. It will be standing room only when you bring the power and excitement of video to your classes.
Exercise Physiology for Indoor Cycling Instructors, Part 2
Dr. Jennifer Klau - The second part of this workshop will guide your class planning and help you give credible answers to questions from your students. You will learn how the body responds and adapts to exercise; what terms like aerobic, anaerobic and metabolism really mean; and training principles that will allow you to optimize your classes so your students achieve their goals.
Mastering the Art and Science of Heart Rate Training, Part 1
Jennifer Sage - Physiologists, endurance coaches, and athletes realized long ago that lactate threshold was a more effective anchor on which to base training zones than maximum heart rate. It’s time to bring this knowledge to indoor cycling and move beyond the inaccurate and ineffective maximum heart rate charts! Exercise physiologists have found that field tests can closely estimate threshold, so expensive lab testing is unnecessary. Teaching your students about threshold training will take their fitness and performance to new heights while increasing your credibility as a coach. 
Dynamics of Teaching with Power
Buddy Macuha - Learn how to incorporate the power element into your classes with drills that go beyond cadence and resistance. This workshop will present different ideas to help you get the most from your students while giving you ideas that you can use right away. A brief introduction of power will help you understand what it is and create drills that get results. Be ready to move your skill set to a higher level!
Teaching Indoor Cycling in Today’s Challenging Environment of Misinformation
Jennifer Sage - Learn how “keeping it real” can be exciting and fun, countering the misconception that it's boring. We’ll discuss how many common trends like hovers, squats, tap-backs, pushups, lifting weights, and other popular contraindicated moves can keep students from reaching their weight-loss goals and may lead to injury. Finally, you’ll have the ammunition to prove what you know to be correct but have difficulty conveying to your students or peers. This session is essential for every instructor and club who wants to optimize their students’ success.
Risk and Liability
Doug Baumgarten - What steps can you take to guarantee that your studio and indoor bicycles are not inviting injury, through your room layout, maintenance of bikes (or lack of it), room temperature, or techniques used in class? In today's environment, reducing your liability is more important than ever!
Lactate Threshold, Lactate Clearance, and the Potential for Overtraining
Nicolas Edwards - Nick works with many elite and pro athletes, including Team Garmin Professional Cycling Team, so he’s bringing you a wealth of knowledge and experience. This session will dive deeper into the understanding of lactate threshold, lactate clearance, and mitochondrial density. High intensity training is essential, but too much of a good thing can be detrimental. The risk of overtraining is real, especially for instructors who teach too many days in a week.
Avoid the Riot: A Painfree Guide to Building a POWERful Cycling Program
Cameron Chinatti - Change is good! Unless of course you're an indoor cycling participant and the powers that be took away your favorite class or worse… your favorite bike! If you've been teaching or managing group exercise for even a short while you've probably discovered that indoor cyclists are extreme creatures of habit. How do you go about making positive changes within your club offerings or make upgrades to your equipment without starting a riot? Join Stages® Indoor Cycling's Director of Education, Cameron Chinatti as she walks you through the incremental changes necessary to elevate your cycling programming and instruction without disturbing the peace.
Mastering the Art and Science of Heart Rate Training, Part 2
Jennifer Sage - In part 2, we get much more specific on how to conduct threshold field tests to determine students' training zones, first via a talk test for new, less fit, or elderly students, and second via a 20 minute field test for more fit students, Learn what to do with the numbers once you get them, using 3-zone, 4-zone, and 5-zone methodologies and how best to train to elicit improvements in threshold, increase fat burning and enhance performance.
TRX for Cycling
Dan McDonough - TRX is the quintessential combination workout for indoor cycling, as it adds a full body and core workout. Dan will guide you through TRX exercises designed to target a cyclist’s needs. These sessions are designed for certified TRX trainers to lead. If you are not certified in TRX, please check the link on the page for this session to inquire about the closest TRX certification.
Latest Technology for the Indoor Cycling Instructor and Studio
Gene Nacey - While bike computers have been around for a while, it wasn’t until power was added that the indoor landscape started to change. By now, not only has power and computer consoles become standard on every commercial indoor bike, but third parties are feverishly creating indoor cycling tools to exploit this technology for member engagement and market differentiation.
Powerful Connections: Social Media Strategies for the Fitness Professional
Fred Hoffman - In this session, Fred will provide keys steps to creating a social media plan, and will share practical advice for easy implementation. An overview of the most popular and advantageous platforms, and the applications, tools and services they provide will be presented. More importantly, Fred will show and discuss specific examples of successful social media campaigns and initiatives. Informative, insightful and practical!
Eating and Weight Management: It’s Not For the Faint of Heart
Dr Jennifer Klau - The research and information on healthful eating and body weight continues to proliferate; yet sometimes it feels like we know less than ever! Which information is credible? Do calories count anymore? Maybe I should eat like my ancestors? …wait, what did they really eat and can I buy it at Whole Foods? Fear not, this workshop can help. We’ll start with some basic definitions, continue with pertinent research on diet and disease, provide suggestions on how to figure out what works best for you, and conclude with lifestyle changes to enhance health, increase wellbeing, and improve body weight.
Sound Check
Tom Scotto - In the Fitness industry, thinking up fun drills and putting together a workout is often second nature. Then there is that bloody music. How do you find the right music for different parts of your class so riders remain engaged, motivated, and enjoying every minute? 
BONUS1: Bike Fit, by Paul Swift
Proper fit on a bicycle, indoors or out, will enhance comfort, reduce the chances of misalignment and potential injuries, and allow the cyclist to pedal more efficiently. Topics that will be covered in this session include performing a more detailed fit using a few basic tools and quick fit.
BONUS2: Real Strength, by Tom Scotto
Cycling is more than aerobic fitness. Learn strength that enhances our fitness, burns more calories, is the foundation of greater endurance, and the launch pad for sustainable and explosive power.
BONUS3: Jennifer Sage: Turn Students Into Raving Fans
Would you like to receive comments and testimonials from your students about how much you rock? How much you empower them? Then you’ll want to know these tips for building community, connection, and commitment amongst your students, so they’ll brag about you and come back again and again!
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You will receive all presentations as audio recordings (mp3) that you can download and listen to whenever and wherever you want. These are yours to keep forever!
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All Access Pass holders receive the downloadable pdf of the slides for every presentation. Some sessions have additional handouts as well (for example, the Heart Rate Training session has a field test protocol, a Talk Test form, two excel spreadsheets to determine training zones using two different methods, and a detailed threshold training profile called Over/Under Intervals).
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How will this conference benefit me? Wouldn't it be better to ride a bike at a live conference to learn? 
After presenting at over 25 conferences and attending many more, most of the really great learning opportunities happen in the lectures! Sure, you can learn great cueing and an awesome profile riding in the live classes, and we do recommend you try to get to master classes when possible. But a live conference can run you thousands of dollars with fees, travel, hotel, meals and lost classes. You will be limited to 3-4 sessions per day for 2-3 days. On the other hand, the Indoor Cycling Summit is like attending four or more conferences. There will be no forgetting the material this time—you can watch the sessions as many times as needed, whenever you want, without losing out on any clients or classes. You can even learn in your pajamas!

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Immediately after your purchase, you will be sent login credentials with which you can log into the ICA website. If you already have an active ICA membership, you will be able to login using your current login and password to access the summit recordings.  For new members, once logged in, you will be able to change your password to something you can easily remember or continue to use the security password assigned to you. The link for the Summit will be in the menu bar at the top of the ICA website.
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You will have until September 21, 2016 (6 months) to view the sessions. You may watch them as many times as you want. For some of the science-based sessions such as Exercise Physiology or Heart Rate Training, this benefit is one that you’ll find extremely helpful!
Are there handouts?
Yes, for All Access Pass holders, each session has a downloadable pdf of the slides. Some sessions have additional handouts as well (for example, the Heart Rate Training session has a field test protocol, a Talk Test form, two excel spreadsheets to determine training zones using two different methods, and a detailed threshold training profile called Over/Under Intervals). You also will receive the mp3 files to download and listen to the sessions any time you want.
How many CECs? How do I get them? Are there other CECs besides ACE?
The online course offers 1.9 ACE CECs. AFAA does not currently allow CECs for online courses (except their own). You can petition your certifying organization to see if they will accept these CECs. In the past, Spinning has accepted Indoor Cycling Summit CECs for instructors who petitioned. The CECs will be emailed to each participant beginning April 20 to give you time to view the sessions.
What if I forget about viewing the sessions over the next six months?
We want you to receive maximum value for your investment in yourself. For that reason, we will be reminding you every few weeks over the next 6 months, highlighting a few of the sessions in each email.
What if I'm not happy with the Summit?
We believe you’ll be amazed at the quality and variety of the sessions, led by industry experts, many of whom have educated many thousands of instructors at conferences and workshops around the globe. But if for whatever reason you are dissatisfied, let us know within 30 days of your purchase and your money will be refunded in full. (Note: we will be unable to refund after CECs have been distributed).

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