Group Memberships Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone in my group need to work at the same facility?

For the bronze level, no they do not.  This group discount rate is based on the number of instructors who sign up during the enrollment period—it can even be a group of friends if you want! However, for the silver and gold levels, they do need to work for the host facility. The administrator will send verification for everyone on the enrollment list.

How do we start a group?

Click on the Group Membership link located at the bottom of this page. There you will find a form that will allow you to create a new group. The form will prompt you to designate someone as the group administrator. The administrator will need to provide the names of each prospective member to ICA. Upon submission of the form to ICA, the administrator will be emailed a link to the enrollment page along with a code for the group within one business day. The administrator will then provide that information to the prospective group members.

How does each group member sign up?

Using the link and group code provided to them by the group administrator, each person will register and pay individually – we’ll take care of the rest!

Is there an enrollment period?

Yes. Time is of the essence. Once your group administrator has received the enrollment link and the group code, the clock begins ticking and everyone will need to complete their membership sign up within 7 calendar days. The rate charged to each individual will be determined by the group level you have chosen whether it be bronze, silver, or gold. Should your group fail to enroll the minimum number of members for your level during the enrollment period, each enrolled member will be charged the additional ten dollars.  For example, if your intended Silver group consists of 10 and only 9 decide to participate and complete their sign up during the enrollment period, then each enrolled member will be charged the additional $10.00 required to belong to a bronze group. Conversely, if your group consists of 9 and you managed to add a 10th person during the enrollment period, your group members would each be charged the lower Silver rate and refunded $10.00 each.

Enrollment periods can be negotiated for large groups, such as chain clubs.

What if we want to add another instructor at some point after our membership begins and we then have enough people to qualify for the next discount level?

After the initial enrollment period is over, additional members may join the group by paying a pro-rated amount for the time remaining on the membership. The pro-rated amount will be based on the original discount rate. If your 9-person group adds an instructor 2 months into the membership, member number 10 would pay a prorated amount of $82.50. At renewal time, all ten members would be billed the lower Silver rate each instead of the original Bronze rate.

If we fall below the minimum, do we still keep our rate?

Your annual membership will renew at the ICA membership rate that is appropriate for your group size. For example, if at renewal time your Bronze group falls below 4, then regular ICA renewal rates apply. Similarly, if your Silver group renews with only 9 members than your group becomes Bronze level and everyone will pay the Bronze rate. Of course, the opposite can happen and you can add additional members to your group to qualify for the reduced rate.

If a person has already signed up as an individual ICA member, do they receive a refund or a credit by becoming a part of a group?

Yes, an existing ICA member can join a new group and receive the pro-rated amount for the discounted yearly membership for that point forward. For example, if ICA member Jane Doe has 6 months left on her membership and wants to become a member of Super Cycle Studio’s Silver Group, she can join the group by paying an additional 29.50. Instead of expiring in 6 months, her new expiration would be in 12 months as she would now be a member of the Super Cycle Studio Silver group.

Our goal is to get everyone within each group memberships on the same renewal cycle.

What benefits will I receive as part of this group membership?

Group memberships enjoy the same wonderful benefits as any ICA member: discounts on Jennifer Sage’s e-books, online products such as the Tour de France program,  live CED, as well as discounts on the Indoor Cycling Summit.

What about large groups?

For large group memberships of multiple facilities and over 20 instructors, please email us. The gold level is the lowest price point that we can offer, but we may include some membership bonuses.

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