Meet the ICA team of experts
Jennifer Sage

Jennifer has been in the fitness industry since the early 1980’s, teaching just about everything from high-impact aerobics, step, and body-sculpting to ski-conditioning and core training. The day she got certified as a Spinning instructor back in 1996, she dropped every other group fitness format, having found her deepest passion for teaching . Read more...

Karyn Silenzi
For nearly 28 years Karyn Silenzi canfitpro PRO TRAINER FIS has been active in the health and fitness industries. A Canadian provincial team athlete in rowing and a national team athlete in long distance triathlons, Karyn has worked with and trained alongside Olympic and nationally ranked athletes and coaches.  Read more....
Bill Pierce
Bill Pierce got into indoor cycling in a slightly unconventional manner; he came to it from running. He started taking a Spinning® class as a way to cross-train for running during the cold winter months in the Midwest. After a while, he thought that his athletic experience would provide a solid background to become an instructor, so he took the Spinning certification
Bill Roach
Bill Roach is the lead indoor cycling instructor (Spinning Star 3 and Keiser) and a personal trainer (NASM-CPT, CES) for the Des Moines, Iowa YMCA. As a national staff trainer, he teaches Wellness and group exercise science to Y employees. He has also initiated a highly-regarded mentorship program for new indoor cycling instructors . . . keep reading
Cori Parks
Cori Parks is a Spinning® Master Instructor with a huge passion in the fitness industry. She is also an American Heart Association first aid/cpr/aed instructor and an author. She brings to ICA a global experience in coaching, cross-cultural communication and community building as a technique for sustained fitness pursuits. Her book “Willing To Tri – Anything to stay fit after 40” is due out June 2015 . . . keep reading
Tom Scotto
One never knows what Tom is going to bring to his indoor cycling classes, workshops, presentations, or clinics. With his background and experience, it is sure to be cycling-specific, motivational, educational, and entertaining...
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Jennifer Klau, Phd
We are so excited to have Jennifer Klau as a part-time contributor on the ICA Team, this time with a few additional letters after her name! She brings with her so much wisdom as well as humor. Jennifer is skilled in all aspects of teaching and coaching, but we will especially rely on her for the science behind the sport . . . keep reading
Haley Perlus, P.hd.
Dr. Haley will be writing articles on how to keep yourself motivated and how to empower your students. With a Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Psychology, Dr. Haley is an adjunct professor, seminar leader, and consultant to national team and Division I athletes. You might have attended a session with her on mental training at numerous international fitness conferences, including Can Fit Pro, WSSC and IHRSA. . . keep reading
Dixie Douville
Dixie Douville has been a registered nurse for over 30 years specializing in sports and cardiovascular medicine. She is the Owner of Pursuit of Wellness, LLC a health and wellness consulting company and the Founder of Girlfriends in Training. As a certified fitness professional for more than two decades Dixie has been recognized for her knowledge in the areas of heart rate training, female athletics, running, cycling and special populations. She is a former member of the Spinning Master Instructor Team . . . keep reading
Christine Nielsen
Christine Nielsen lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she worked for many years as a university research administrator. With access to the ocean, she discovered rowing and became a competitive athlete and a certified coach. She eventually stepped away from academia to pursue other interests including dog training. During that period she had the great fortune to study with Bob and Marion Bailey, two of the best applied behaviorists in the world. Her experience with them gave her unique insights into the science of learning . . . keep reading
Kala Markel
I’ve been watching Kala for several years on one of the online indoor cycling forums and her passion for teaching has always been evident. I noticed she has something I don’t have – the ability to find mainstream music that is fun and exciting that will meet the desires of her market, while still matching the message of her profile. . . . keep reading
Carole Harrell
Carole Harrell has been instructing Indoor Cycling classes for almost 20 years. She was part of the second wave of the Spinning certification process and has been teaching ever since becoming certified in the Spring of 1996. Since that time she has also become certified in Precision Cycling, Keiser m3 and Krankcycling. She believes that ongoing training is a key element to her success . . . keep reading
Sara Zalensky

Sara Zalesky has been an indoor cycling instructor for over 12 years, with certifications from Spinning, Keiser and Cycling Fusion. Jennifer Sage’s early Tour de France profiles were Sara’s first introduction into the European peloton. Watching the excitement unfold during the races ignited a passion that continues with each new season. . . . keep reading

Bryon Black
Bryon Black is a Star 3 Spinning instructor and member of the Krankcycle Demo team with two decades of teaching experience. Bryon believes that music is the easiest way to create powerful connections with the souls that attend our training classes. We all hear and feel beats and rhythms and that gives us a universal language that connects and binds together. Bryon is also a master at enhancing the mind-body connection. . . . keep reading
Karen  Cruz
Karen Cruz graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Pittsburgh and has since hop-scotched around the east coast finally settling down in Maryland. For the past 15 years she has worked as Online Marketing expert specializing in Search Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Display Marketing . . . keep reading
John Chappell
John Chappell graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of Georgia and entered the field of broadcasting in 1976. For eleven years he worked as an on air talent, a production director, a music director, and a program manager. In 1987 John shifted gears and careers when he decided to go into business as a fitness center owner in Atlanta, Georgia. . . . keep reading