Webinar: Teaching Indoor Cycling While Wearing a Mask
(Everything you need to know about wearing a mask in an indoor cycling class)
This webinar covers:
  • Should you wear a mask?
  • How Coronavirus spreads in the gym
  • Myths about wearing a mask
  • Review of my mask tests at varying intensities comparing power, heart rate, RPE, and O2 saturation
  • Results of my mask comparison test to find the best style of mask for teaching and exercising
  • Tips on coaching with a mask on (and how to drink water with a mask)
  • Modifications required for exercise with a mask
  • Tips on designing your profiles

After the webinar you will receive the following via email:
  • A link to my list of resources (Google Doc)
  • A link to two of my mask assessment videos
  • The spreadsheet where I analyzed my mask-test data
  • A link to all the masks tested, plus other recommended masks
Jennifer Sage

Founder and Master Instructor,
Indoor Cycling Association

Jennifer began as an MI for the Spinning® program in 1997 and spent 12 years certifying instructors, designing workshops and presenting at conferences. She established the Indoor Cycling Association in 2010 to reach out to instructors from all programs from around the globe. ICA's evidence-based mission is to inspire & educate. When the pandemic hit, Jennifer saw so much misinformation about masks she vowed to study the topic, test masks, and share the results with the fitness community.

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