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  1. Thanks Jennifer! Amazing. I used this as the last climb of my ride as you suggested. The class was speechless.

  2. Going to end with this on my next round of endurance on the hill!

    THANK YoU!!!!!

  3. I’m planning on using the CTS 8 minute test at my club – I think it will be easier mentally on my participants than the 20 min test. I have the same concerns you expressed about jumping right into the 8 minute test – HR takes some time to respond, by the time HR begins to level off, you might be well over a minute into the 8 minute effort. I’m considering modifying the CTS 2×8 minute test to include a 1 min ramp up of effort before hitting the lap timer and beginning the 8 min effort.

    Any thoughts on this approach??

  4. LOVE the track, Jennifer. Thank you.
    To share my experience regarding eMusic vs iTunes:
    -I paid annually $100 so I got 30% discount by getting monthly bonus of $4 on top of monthly credit $12 (total 32 songs/mth). I know eMusic sometimes doesn’t have to all songs iTunes does but its price is still worth it, because I also teach yoga so I can buy all up to my monthly limit.
    -However, whenever if you choose to buy any whole album, gotta check the album price on iTunes which may be cheaper than eMusic’s…
    – I listen to iTunes 90 seconds samples (vs. eMusic’s only 30 sec) then buy tracks on eMusic 🙂

  5. This “great” song can also be found in Spotify.

  6. True it’s on gomusic and probably others like it, but I generally don’t like to post sites in which I know the artist is not getting paid. (i.e. illegal download sites). At $.09 there is no way they are getting paid and it is not with the artists’ permission, like a Creative Commons License is.

  7. It’s also available in gomusicnow.com

  8. Then I just decided to check Facebook and had to listen to this track, given the build up you gave it, Jennifer. Wow. Fantastic beat and such a powerful but understated rhythm. I cannot wait to download this and use it… I’ve got tomorrows ride planned but this is going to feature very soon in the weeks to come. I love the imagery you’ve given. Thanks!

  9. I love songs like this! I appreciate you posting such powerful music for us! I am doing a series of hill classes this month and this is PERFECT!

  10. Bring it! This song rocks. Can’t wait to use it.

  11. Hi Shirin, I love love love the impact of this song, but there weren’t many of the other songs on this album that I felt the same way about. They were more typical technoey, if that makes sense. This one has layers and texture and personality and voices in the background and other interesting elements. So, you may not want to buy the whole album before listening to each song first.

    Just my $.02! ….or $.04 if on iTunes! 😉

  12. Yes, it’s available on iTunes as well. But Shirin, why aren’t you using eMusic? With as much powerful music as I know you like to use, it’s anywhere from 20-50% less per song than iTunes. Sure, you have to pay by month in advance, but you use enough music don’t you?

  13. My kind of song totally!!! I’m sad that it is only available thru eMusic. Long story. I will look for the album. Tikal’s work is always awesome. I’m sure the entire album will be great 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this Jennifer. It really is awesome!

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