Put On Your Party Pants!

If you haven’t planned on teaching the Put On Your Party Pants profile yet, I want to encourage you to think about doing so.

It is so much fun to teach and so much fun for my riders! 

Today is World Party Day, hope you got to celebrate in style!

And while, it’s a perfect excuse for a theme ride like this, don’t let that stop you from teaching this on any other day.

You just need to make up a reason to party! Your birthday? A rider’s birthday? An anniversary? Your favorite local team won a championship? 

Click here to find the page with the Express Profile, Spotify profile playlist, and the bucket playlist with 165 alternate party songs.

Below is the visual of the workout…it’s not easy but there is ample recovery so it’s definitely doable for most people.

There are three climbing segments, the 1st, 2nd and 4th block. Blue is easy warm-up, cool-down and recovery, green is a little bit harder. Yellow is moderate. Orange is hard (threshold). Red is above threshold and very hard (VO2 max intensity). Maroon indicates anaerobic capacity—only used for short HIT segments like the six 30/30s in the middle of this profile.