Your ICA membership includes...
Class Profiles: Created by top trainers in the industry, based on sound training principles. These profiles provide excitement and variety for your students.
Ask the Expert: Ask us any question you might want to know about being a better instructor!
Form and Technique: pedal stroke, drills, proper set-up, contraindications
Coaching and Cueing: Tons of creative ways to expand your cueing prowess.
Weekly music suggestions to satisfy all tastes, including what to do to each song.
Biomechanics, Cadence and Power: the science behind turning those pedals.
You also get these great resources...
Mental Training and Mind-body: how to inspire your students to tap into the power of their minds.
Physiology, Heart Rate Training and RPE
Webinars on a variety of educational topics.
Music resources and tech tips to help you be more savvy with your music.
Video tips.
Everything you need to know about teaching virtual rides.
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