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Create exciting stages in your
indoor cycling studio!

Tip: if you have video capability, you can use the above two motivating Youtube videos in your cycling classes. Project them during your warm-up or as students are setting up their bikes prior to class!

Handbook: How to Create an Exciting Tour de France Program in Your Indoor Cycling Studio

TDF_ebook_cover-233x300Everything you need is at your fingertips to create a very exciting Tour de France program at your club! In the accompanying video to this handbook, you’ll learn most of the important information you need to know about the Tour de France in order to simulate the exciting stages in your class profiles. This handbook accompanies the Powerpoint presentation videos below, and expands in detail on several areas including tips on how to simulate each type of stage and how to coach various attacks and rider strategies and a lot more!

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2014 ICA Tour de France Video Presentation

2014 ICA Tour de France Video Presentation Part 1 from Indoor Cycling Association on Vimeo.

2014 ICA Tour de France Video Presentation Part 2 from Indoor Cycling Association on Vimeo.

Profiles from the 2014 Tour de France

Profile: Anatomy of a Sprint by Bryon Black





ICA Audio Master Class: Anatomy of a Sprint by Byron Black

Watch this video from Go Pro as the riders in the Tour de Suisse jostle for position at the head of the peloton. Notice how much the camera moves towards the end; this is the rider standing and moving his bike side to side.

Stage 3: Cambridge to Londres 155 km
"London Calling" by Robert Baldi



ICA Audio Master Class: London Calling by Robert Baldi

3D Tour: Google Earth Flyover of Stage 3 from

Here is a short video shot from on the bike through the muddy, sloppy and rugged cobblestones.

Here is a review of the stage by Chris Carmichael. There is some great coaching in here that you can use to spice up your own cueing.

Stage 10: Mulhouse to La Planche des Belles Filles 161.5 km

"Prost!" by Jennifer Sage


3D Tour: Google Earth Flyover of Stage 10 from

Stage 13: Saint-Étienne to Chamrousse 197.5 km

"Saint-Étienne to Chamrousse" by Tom Scotto download_pdf

3D Tour: Google Earth Flyover of Stage 13 from

Stage 17: Saint-Gaudens to Saint-Lary Pla d'Adet 124.5 km

"The Saints Can’t Help Me Now" by Robert Baldi


3D Tour: Google Earth Flyover of Stage 17 from

Stage 20: Bergerac to Périgueux 54 km

"Bergerac to Périgueux" by Tom Scotto





ICA Audio Master Class: Stage 20 by Tom Scotto

3D Tour: Google Earth Flyover of Stage 20 from

2014 Bonus Section

Bonus 1: Resources, Resources, Resources

In this handout are dozens of resources where you can download profiles of the stages and learn more about the riders,the teams, the history of the Tour, the towns, and the racing strategy. I’ve also provided several excellent resources from where to purchase Tour de France products to use as prizes and incentives.You could simply Google “Tour de France Teams”or something similar and come up with literally thousands of websites to peruse, but we’ve done the filtering for you and present to you here the best of the best. This will literally save you potentially many, many hours of research!



Bonus 2: The Tour Is Won In The Mountains!

Here is all the information you’ll need regarding the big mountains of the Tour de France. In this handout I provide you with links to the actual elevation profiles of each of the 2014 major climbs, the profile from the Tour de France website, and the details on the system of categorizing the climbs and assigning King of the Mountain points for the KOM jersey competition. YouTube video: The Top 5 Key Climbs for the 2014 Tour de France



Bonus 3: Soundbites For Your TDF Commentary

These guys are indisputably the most entertaining cycling announcers there are, appearing on the US television station Versus. Phil and Paul are known around the world as the “Voice of Cycling”The sound bites on these pages are acquired from many years of taking notes while watching the Tour de France on television. The colorful metaphors and analogies they use sprinkled throughout your own commentary will increase the excitement of your indoor stages. “Updated from 2013"



Bonus 4: Attacks, Counterattacks and Blocking!

A compilation of racing tips on how and when to attack, counterattack and block. By reading these tips, an instructor will understand in more depth how to implement these kinds of strategies and cues into a profile of a stage; it will be more authentic when you cue an attack or counterattack at a more appropriate time in the race. I’ve also given you the source where I found it, so you can dig deeper into their website for even more information.



Bonus 5: How about some French music for your TDF profiles?

Here is a compilation of over 200 songs that I’ve been gathering over the years (lots of fun new ones for 2014). I rated the best ones from 3-5 stars. If it has 4 or 5 stars, you don’t want to miss it. The 5-star songs are absolute Must-Haves for your TDF stages.



Bonus 6: Royalty-free Tour de France photos for your use

Jennifer Sage has attended numerous stages of the Tour de France in the past and is making many of her past photos available for you to use as you see fit. Perhaps project images on a screen as you teach your class. These high resolution photos are from the 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2013 Tour de France.