Re-Create the Challenge & Excitement of the Tour de France in your Indoor Cycling Classes.
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Access the most detailed, exciting and fun Tour De France Stages to use in your indoor cycling classes. 

These profiles will bring to life the drama and intensity of the world's biggest cycling event and pack your classes!
Teach classes so riveting, your classes will end in applause! Our profiles are often based on dramatic storylines or scenarios.
Become an Expert
If you've never taught a TDF stage, we'll turn you into a fan and an expert so you can sound authentic to your students.

Fill your classes
Profiles based on TDF stages are some of the most popular and exciting classes you may offer. Your riders will be asking for them all throughout the year.
A 90-minute video PowerPoint presentation with everything you need to know about creating a Tour de France program at your studio. Make it a party! Whether it's July or January we'll coach you on how to create and promote your event.
Comprehensive Handbook
A 50-page e-book with much more additional information, including history and culture of the Tour de France, tips on how to simulate each type of stage, and how to coach various attacks, breakaways, pacelines, and other rider strategies.

Detailed Stage Profiles
Our profiles give you everything you need (exciting playlists, powerful cues, strategy, and more) to motivate your riders. We do all the prep get to deliver a powerful experience. Imagine the time you will save researching and compiling your rides!

Check out these comments
from Karen Newham of Pelotone
in Sydney, Australia
The 2017 package includes these six stages:
Stage 2

Düsseldorf to Liège 203.5 km
Stage 13

PSaint-Girons to Foix 101 km
Stage 18
SBriançon to Izoard 179.5 km 
Stage 20
Marseille to Marseille 22.5 km 
"Individual Time Trial" 
Stage 21
Montgeron to Paris Champs-Élysées 103 km
"Jenn, we have done 3 stages this week at my facility! Amazing! So happy I bought the TDF studio package!"
"We did this ride (Stage 3) in the 8am Sat morning class and I believe it is my all-time favorite class, so we are doing it again!"
I taught Stage 3 this evening. What a creative profile…it was challenging and right to the point. If putting the ride together was fun, I cannot hide the excitement I went through simply reading her description of the ride. I am looking forward to putting it on the floor once again, and keeping it in reserve for many riders to come!"
5 YEAR VALUE PACK: We've Combined 32 Stages For Endless Experiences Over The Tour Season
Stage 2: Saint-Lô to Cherbourg-en-Cotentin — Wind and Rollers by Jennifer Sage
Stage 8: Pau to Bagnères-de-Luchon — True Grit by Sara Pomish
Stage 9: Vielha Val d'Aran to Andorre Arcalis — The Andorran Steps  by Robert Baldi
Stage 11: Carcassonne to Montpellier — Hanging in the Peloton OR A Sprinter’s Paradise by Robert Baldi
Stage 15: Bourg-en-Bresse to Culoz "Come With Me Now" by Jennifer Sage
Stage 20: Megève to Morzine-Avoriaz — Rouleurs by Sara Pomish

Profile: Anatomy of a Sprint by Bryon Black

Stage 3: Cambridge to Londres— London Calling by Robert Baldi

Stage 5: Ypres to Arenberg Porte du Hainaut— “Wipers” (Ypres) by Jennifer Sage

Stage 10: Mulhouse to La Planche des Belles Filles— Prost! by Jennifer Sage

Stage 13: Saint-Étienne to Chamrousse—by Tom Scotto 

Stage 17: Saint-Gaudens to Saint-Lary Pla d'Adet —The Saints Can’t Help Me Now, by Robert Baldi

Stage 20: Bergerac to Périgueux, by Tom Scotto

Stage 3: Anvers to Huy —Mur de Huy, by Matt Scheffer

Stage 6: Abbeville to Le Havre, by Bryon Black

Stage 10: Tarbes to St. Pierre-Saint-Martin, by Tom Scotto

Stage 14: Rodez to Mende—False Flat, by Jennifer Sage

Stage 18: Gap to Saint-Jean-De-Maurienne—Col du Glandon by Tom Scotto

Stage 20: Modane Valfréjus to Alpe d’Huez —A Tribute to the Domestiques, by Jennifer Sage

Stage 3: Ajaccio to Calvi —The Suitcase of Courage, by Jennifer Sage

Stage 4: Nice to Nice—The Team Time Trial, by Bryon Black

Stage 7: Montpellier to Albi, by Tom Scotto

Stage 8: Castres to AX 3 Domaines—Ax the Peloton, by Robert Baldi

Stage 15: Givors to Mont Ventoux—Riding On the Moon, by Jennifer Sage

Stage 18: Gap to Alpe-d'Huez—Two the Pain: Alpe d'Huez x 2, by Tom Scotto

Stage 19: Bourg-d'Oisans to Le Grand-Bornand —Should I Stay Or Should I Go? by Robert Baldi

Why should you consider the ICA Tour de France package?
• We put over 100 hours into everything you receive. Imagine the time you will save researching and compiling your rides!

• If you've never taught a TDF stage, we'll turn you into a fan and an expert so you can sound authentic to your students.

• If you already teach TDF stages, we'll save you dozens of hours and take your coaching up a notch. Instructors have told us Jennifer's Stage 3 from 2013, "The Suitcase of Courage", on the Corsica coastline was their absolute favorite.

• The 5 Year Value package includes Jennifer's Alpe d'Huez profile, "One Man's Journey From Suffering to Triumph", a popular sold-out session at WSSC for 5 years. You will not find a profile like this anywhere else.

• There is no one anywhere in the world, except ICA, who provides the key for instructors to become passionate, authentic Tour de France announcers in their classes!

2017 Tour de France Package

ICA members get 25% off this price
  • 6 detailed, exciting profiles of a variety of stages
  • 50-page handbook
  • 90-minute video presentation
  • Program marketing ideas
  • Royalty-free Tour de France photos, French music suggestions
  • Colorful metaphors and analogies to sprinkle into your cueing.
  • Comprehensive list of cyling resources, descriptons of all the epic cols in this year's Tour...and more bonuses
  • Yearly upgrades only $30
Value Pack
5 years (2013-2017)

ICA members get 25% off this price
  • Everything in the 2017 package, plus...
  • 6 stages in 2016
  • 6 stages in 2015
  • 7 stages in 2014
  • 7 stages in 2013
  • Bonus: One Riders' Journey From Suffering to Triumph
  • Yearly upgrades only $30

*Individual License, see below
Free! Special bonus profile when you purchase
the 5-year value package ($20 value)

Alpe d'Huez: One Rider's Journey from
Suffering to Triumph 

This is a very popular, dramatic profile Jennifer Sage originally created for WSSC and other conferences. It's unlike any other profile you've ever ridden. The story is delivered as if you are the mind of a domestique at his first Tour de France. He’s worked hard for his team the whole stage, and he fears he’s one of the last riders, not sure if he will make the cutoff time. He’s filled with emotion, he’s suffering, he’s doubting his future, he wants to quit. But then, he achieves a newfound vigor partway up the 21 switchbacks of Alpe d’Huez and ends up triumphant.

This very emotional and dramatic profile is now available as a BONUS when the entire five-year ICA Tour de France package is purchased. The profile includes all of the empowering cues that have left many participants in tears. Even when Alpe d’Huez is not a part of the Tour, this profile is a wonderful special class to offer your riders any time of the year. It is guaranteed to leave your riders with a heightened belief in themselves!

We received this comment from Izabela who not only has gained confidence to teach TDF classes, but she’s went gangbusters with it last year!
*Individual License
This Tour de France package and all the materials herein comprise an Individual License. This means that one instructor may purchase the ICA Tour de France package and use it at any studio or club where they teach (up to three facilities). The Individual License also allows one studio or club to purchase the package for their instructors to utilize only at one facility. If you are a studio or club owner with multiple facilities and would like to give all your instructors access to this material (Multiple-Use License), please contact us at We have extremely reasonable multi-use rates.