Webinar: Where the Magic Happens
How do you convince your riders they are capable of more? By inspiring them to go beyond their comfort zone—where the magic happens! Exceeding one’s comfort zone might entail higher intensity, longer periods of higher resistance or cadence, or exploring the mental side of challenge. This workshop will teach you how to motivate your students on a much deeper level by creating inspirational riding scenarios using empowering cues.
This webinar covers:
  • Examine the science of fatigue and the central governor theory
  • Understand the theories of motivation and mental strength
  • Know when and how to push riders past their comfort zones (and when it’s not appropriate)
  • Learn empowering coaching cues and how to create your own motivational cues
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Jennifer Sage
Founder and Master Instructor,
Indoor Cycling Association

Jennifer began as an MI for the Spinning® program in 1997 and spent 12 years certifying instructors, designing workshops and presenting at conferences. She established the Indoor Cycling Association in 2010 to reach out to instructors from all programs from around the globe. ICA's evidence-based mission is to inspire & educate. 

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