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This may be one of my most favorite profiles. I used all rock ’n’ roll songs for this profile—and my class loved it. While you can certainly use a rock ’n’ roll ride any time of the year, it’s especially fun to do it as a Rocktober ride in the month of October...read more
This is one of the most requested profiles in my repertoire. It’s so fun both to teach and to take—I know you are going to love this challenging ride! Honestly, I’ve been hesitant to create this ride as a full profile on ICA because there are so many changes that it’s a challenge to write it out in a way that makes sense to other instructors, and this particular profile has a lot of changes...read more
This ride is a structured climb consisting of four 10-minute hills. To keep it manageable, each hill is broken into four segments. To make it interesting, the timing and terrain of segments vary, either getting longer or shorter, steeper or flatter. To keep it achievable, the hills are all aerobic...read more
Lather, Rinse, and Repeat (LRR) is the name I give to high-intensity interval classes, specifically VO2 max intervals of 3 minutes or more. The VO2 max level of intensity is labeled as a “very hard” effort on the RPE scale, about an 8 on a 1–10 scale. Using power zones, VO2 max is Zone 5, 106% to 120% of FTP, functional threshold power...read more
The ride begins with a cadence ladder, gradually moving from 80 to 100 rpm in a smooth and continuous manner and then going back down. You repeat the ladders, accelerating more quickly through this range of cadences each time. By doing this drill first, you lay the technical groundwork for the much quicker accelerations and intensity surges to come...read more
Instructors often struggle with teaching endurance or moderate-intensity classes. A lot of those challenges can be overcome with educating your class and teaching them about the different adaptations that take place at different intensities...read more
The Indoor Cycling Association’s motto is “Keep It Real,” and this profile keeps it real…real fun and real weird. It takes riders’ minds off of the discomfort of their high-intensity efforts through imagery, humor, and fun. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces at certain times and a grimace at other times...read more
I love this theme for several reasons. First, it solves a problem. If your classes are like mine, riders’ ages range from 16 to 80. Their musical tastes are as varied as they are. It can be incredibly challenging to create playlists that include variety but don’t sound like a random collection of disconnected music...read more
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