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While this profile was originally created for International Guitar Month (April), there is no time that a guitar-heavy playlist won’t work in a cycling class, amiright? The profile consists of four working segments with a fast flat leading to a climb, primarily in Zone 3 (moderate) to Zone 4 hard) with a few very hard poses to Zone 5 (very hard)...read more
This challenging interval profile takes your riders into the anaerobic zone over and over (and over). You get a taste of it all with several sets of 60/60s, 30/30s, two sprints, and one final set of 40/20s, all in Zone 6 (anaerobic capacity)—except for the maximal sprinting efforts, that is...read more
This ride consists of six 4-minute intervals. Pacing is the key to repeatedly working at an anaerobic effort during these long(ish) intervals. Riders will attempt either fast finish or a strong start on two types of simulated terrain....read more
The original Ebb and Flow tempo ride was posted above in week 2. There isn’t a whole lot of alternative techniques to varying a more moderate to somewhat easy aerobic ride other than varying the cadence and the resistance, as long as you keep the intensity manageable. This takes a lot of mental focus...read more
I first created this profile as a master profile using rock-and-roll songs. It became a fan favorite among ICA members. That profile has many more coaching tips than this quick version so I recommend you print that one out and peruse it for additional suggestions...read more
This is a steady-state profile where riders aim to ride between 88% and 93% of their functional threshold power, commonly referred to as the “sweet spot” of training. This is a sustained high Zone 3/low Zone 4 effort with a perceived exertion that lies somewhere between 6 (moderately hard) and 7 (hard) on a 1–10 scale...read more
An interval profile based on working just below and just above your functional threshold power. While this is a power-based profile, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it as a challenging interval ride based on perceived exertion or lactate threshold heart rate. Without power, however, it’s just a hard workout. Nothing wrong with that—it’s still a fun ride and one your riders will remember you for! ...read more
It’s time for a déja vu of our Canyon Ride, this time with a Groundhog Day theme. This concept is perfect for an entertaining out-and-back ride where you use an original song on one direction of the ride and a remix or cover of that song on the return!...read more
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