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Have you ever asked, “what am I going to teach tomorrow?” Or “what profile am I going to teach next week?”

If you’re like most people who teach indoor cycling, you really love what you do, but you are sometimes overwhelmed at the amount of time needed to plan your classes…you’ve gotta decide what profile you’re going to teach, what drills you’re going to do, you’ve gotta make sure the class is an effective training session but is still fun and engaging for your riders and that it’s combined with great music that matches the profile…right? You want to provide variety but you often see yourself falling into a trap of interval class after interval class because face it, they are the easiest to put together, aren’t they?

That can sometimes take hours for each class. The frustration that builds can put a damper on your enjoyment of teaching, can’t it?

I’ve got the solution to that problem. (Click here to read more.)

3-2-1 intervals are a foundational format on ICA: 3 minutes moderate, 2 minutes hard, 1 minute harder. You can opt to make these intervals a little less intense by using threshold intensity for the highest 1-minute effort, or you can make the ride more challenging...read more
This ride is a fun simulation of an out-and-back ride and highlights the beauty of using outdoor simulations to enhance your indoor experience. This profile includes wonderful visualization cues of the scenery and the outdoor riding experience...read more
This profile helps you teach your riders about power and guide them to find a baseline benchmark that is a worthwhile estimate of FTP—at least until they are able to take the full 20-minute FTP test...read more

This aerobic profile ebbs and flows from the low end of Zone 3 (moderate, known as the “tempo” zone) to the upper end. The cadence alternates between slower and faster, and the playlist draws from many genres...read more
In this engaging profile, you are going to challenge your riders with alternating “dueling” intervals. They’re dueling because they alternate between lower-cadence (climb) and higher-cadence (flat) efforts at the same intensity...read more
This theme profile is based on songs encouraging riders to “Go!” This is an interval profile consisting of five loops. Each one starts with a climb and is followed by a fast flat. Each loop is then followed by an easy recovery...read more
This is my latest iteration of ramped intervals, 4-3-2 intervals! In this extended version (of the popular 3-2-1 interval format), the time at each level is increased by a minute. Cadence decreases over the intervals...read more
This profile will enable riders to develop their climbing skills while also challenging them to increase resistance and decrease cadence while maintaining the same intensity...read more
While this profile may seem “basic,” it’s anything but easy. When intervals are distilled down to their basic format of hard followed by easy, they are simple to create, (fairly) simple to put music to, and simple to coach...read more

This foundational tempo profile in Zone 3 uses clever coaching and even body language to show your students how “delicious” this zone is and how beneficial it can be. It taps into the mind-body aspect of training and gives you motivational cues...read more
This interval profile created by Julianne Lafleur is based on the concept of negative splits, a training and racing strategy that involves completing the second half of a training effort or race faster than the first...read more

This theme profile is called “Riding the Storm Out,” and yes, I use the song “Ridin’ the Storm Out” by REO Speedwagon. That phrase normally means to “ride out” the storm by taking shelter indoors, but for us, it means braving the impending storm...read more
The latest iteration of 3-2-1 intervals is a true game-changer. It intensifies the entire profile, juggling the position of the number of minutes you spend at each intensity—just wait until you ask riders to spend the longest duration at the highest intensity! Hence the name: 3-2-1 Intervals…Intensified!

This is a fun, interactive climbing interval ride. In this profile, you’ll have three forks in the road. At each fork, you’ll describe the two possible directions to your students. Your students will make the choice of which way they want to ride...read more

Two weeks ago, you did the 3-minute version of VO2 max intervals; the next step is to endure that same intensity a little longer. That can only be done with the kind of specific focus you’ve been employing over the past few weeks. This profile includes six sets of 4 minutes in Zone 5. Ouch! read more
Whether it be on a bike, a motorcycle, a car, or your own two feet, do you ever feel like you just need to escape? Get away from it all? Hit the open road? Life hits us from every angle, and sometimes we need to do something just for ourselves…something that, albeit long and tiresome, will leave us feeling...read more
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