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Rock ’n’ Roller High-Cadence Climbs is an interval workout consisting of short efforts with progressively higher cadences. Many rock-and-roll songs have a tempo that translates to an rpm in the high 70s or 80s, making them the perfect choice to help set the...read more
This is a fun, progressive profile that has always been a big hit whenever I’ve used it. It is predominantly aerobic but brings riders to threshold on the second loop and briefly over threshold on the final loop....read more
This is a hill repeat ride that focuses on developing leg strength, which means low cadence at high resistance, the opposite of the higher-cadence climbs you did last week.
...read more

This profile is a mountain biking simulation of a very fun, twisty-turny, up and down, adrenaline-filled single track after a long slog up the first climb (similar to how a roller coaster chugs upward before it takes off)....read more
This profile consists of four intervals, each an intensity ladder performed in a different cadence range. It is a great opportunity for participants to understand how the same zone can feel very different when performed at a different cadence....read more
You’re going to have a lot of fun with this profile! It’s a clever way to put together interval. The name comes from the world of wine. Meritage (rhymes with “heritage”; it’s not a French word!) is a blend.
...read more
Buckle up, folks, because this one will challenge you in a different way than our profiles with longer intervals! Encore means “again” in French, and we are going to do these short intervals again, and again, and again. When it’s time to go again, you can just repeat the phrase “encore!” ...read more
This profile is an excellent way to begin building endurance, either as part of the base-building phase in a periodized training program or as a moderately challenging workout for people returning to exercise after taking some time off. ...read more
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