Profile: In Celebration of Guitars, Fast Flats to Varied Long Climbs

Earlier this month we announced that April is International Guitar Month. I posted some of my favorite guitar songs plus two bucket playlists in this Theme Ride Thursday article. The two playlists are filled with songs that have famous guitar licks and acoustic guitar songs that work great in the cycling studio; together they have over 370 song options for you to choose from.

I then went about preparing my own profile, and I’ll be honest—it was very hard to do because there are so many great guitar tracks…I wanted to use all of them! I leaned towards shorter songs simply so I could fit in more of them. The profile was a big hit and my riders loved the playlist—some of them mentioned some rock songs with famous guitar riffs that were missing such as Free Bird and Stairway to Heaven. I joked with them that I could draw from this theme and not repeat a song for the next month.

(That gave me the idea to create another profile using famous longer songs with amazing guitar segments such as Free Bird, Purple Rain, Stairway to Heaven, and others. I imagine that profile will be a series of long, introspective climbs. When I do create that profile, I’ll be sure to let you know about it! It won’t be for International Guitar Month, but hey, we can celebrate great guitar playing year-round, right?!)

The 60-minute profile consists of four working segments with a fast flat leading to a climb, primarily in Zone 3 (yellow/moderate) to Zone 4 (orange/hard) with a few very hard poses to Zone 5 (red/very hard). The final segment is an 8.5-minute climb with a finale the class is sure to remember. 

Download the Express Profile below. I give you suggestions on how to shorten the ride if needed. You can use the two bucket list playlists in the Theme Ride Thursday post linked to above to find alternative tracks. If you have an alternate favorite guitar song you used in this profile that you want to share, please leave it in the comments.

A Celebration of Guitars (PDF and Excel)


  1. This was a great profile & ride! Very well received, thank you ????

  2. Can’t wait for this one! It looks and sounds awesome! Thank you Jennifer!

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