Theme Ride Thursday: Groundhog Day (An Out-and-Back Ride)—Class Profile and Two Bucket Playlists

It’s time for a déjà vu of my Canyon Ride, this time with a Groundhog Day theme. If you’re not familiar with the movie Groundhog Day, the protagonist, played by Bill Murray, experiences the same day repeating over and over again—Groundhog Day

I guess in a way, that makes this a déjà vu theme in a déjà vu of a previous profile. Very meta!

This concept is perfect for an entertaining out-and-back ride where you use an original song in one direction of the ride and a remix or cover of that same song on the return. 

ICA contributor Susan Lafond has done a fabulous job doing all the work for you in creating this fun theme. The beauty of this profile is that even though Groundhog Day is in early February, the ride isn’t bound by a specific date. You can do an out-and-back theme any time of the year. 

Two Bucket Playlists to Widen Your Cover Song Options

In addition to the playlist for Susan’s profile, we have two bucket playlists to help you find the perfect cover if you want to change up some of the songs or create a completely different profile using originals and covers (or, just cover songs). 

The first one is from our SOYMB series (Step Outside Your Musical Box) on cover songs where we put together a large collection of BOTH the original song and our favorite covers. You’ll find that playlist very helpful when doing an out-and-back ride and you want both versions. For some songs, we even provided more than one or two popular covers.

The second one is a bucket playlist solely of cover songs. I wanted to curate a playlist with more recent covers that I intended to add to the original SOYMB above. I put a request on the ICA FB group for everyone’s favorite cover song. I asked, and wow, did I receive—I quickly built it to over 400 songs! There were so many great suggestions that I simply could not spend the time searching for the originals for all of them. So, below you will find a bucket playlist of cover songs (no originals). Feel free to add your favorite cover song that we’ve missed in the comments.

[Note: Since this was originally posted in 2020, I have continued to grow the COVERS bucket playlist, which is now more than an astounding 1,200 songs! Covers are all the rage these days.]

You can search for the original of the tracks you enjoy for your “out-and-back” Groundhog Day theme or simply create a ride (or two or 10) composed solely of cover songs.

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