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I received this question from Amy: can you do a field test if you only have a 40-minute time slot? What are some things to consider? I give a short review of the 8-minute field test and some suggestions for validating field tested (or talk tested) thresholds. This should help...READ MORE

ICA member Kristen read in a book about cycling that suggested some serious maneuvers indoors to “mimic” the position of riding a bike outside up a steep hill. I conferred with fellow cyclists and Master Instructors Tom Scotto and Jennifer Klau, two people who know a whole lot about both READ MORE…

You’ve decided to conduct a field test and teach your students about threshold-based training. You’ve been training for awhile with the new heart rate numbers, and you’re about to do your first re-test. Now what? How do you interpret the results? How do you answer your students’ questions? What if...READ MORE
Katie asked if this move was contraindicated. It is something that you might see in certain types of cycling races, such as track cycling. It requires huge amounts of power output, and hence, a potential enormous strain on the joints and musculature that is involved in turning the pedals. READ MORE…
This week’s Ask the Expert is about the foot position during the pedal stroke. Does the toe push down, or does the heel push down? Both Tom Scotto and Jennifer Sage provide advice on how to cue a proper foot position with your students. ICA member Dan asked a great...READ MORE

If you have bikes with gears, have you ever had a student ask you “What gear should I be in” even after you’ve explained the terrain, cadence and intensity? You know they shouldn’t ride at a specific gear, but how do you explain it to them? The answer also applies to cueing a specific wattage…READ MORE

This is a great question about teaching a short, high-intensity class. This format can also be combined with other types of workouts, such as Cycling plus yoga, pilates, core or weight workouts (off the bike of course)! But for short HIT sessions on the bike, there are some things you...READ MORE
ICA Member Nancy is confused about the Spinning® Strength Energy Zone and how to define it and teach it: should it be ALL climbing? I have two answers – one from the former Spinning® MI and one from the reformed Master Instructor! 😉 Believe it or not, this was a confusion I encountered over 12 years of teaching Spinning® Orientations. It’s time to clear it up…READ MORE
ICA member Renee asked for suggestions for organizing her profiles. She used to use the Spinning® categories, but they don’t seem to be applicable anymore as she grows as an instructor. Over the past few years, I have moved away from organizing my profiles and playlists based on Spinning® energy Zones, and instead, I’ve found some ways that seem to make more sense for me. Maybe they do for you, too...READ MORE
An instructor asked “One of my students asked me why he burns more calories when he rides outdoors than in Spin class”. This is an important question, and may not be the answer you expected! In fact, this might have each and every one of you paying a little closer attention to your indoor cycling workout...READ MORE
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