Ask the Expert: Are short high intensity classes appropriate in the cycling studio?

This is a great question about teaching a short, high-intensity class. This format can also be combined with other types of workouts, such as Cycling plus yoga, pilates, core or weight workouts (off the bike of course)! But for short HIT sessions on the bike, there are some things you should be aware of.Renée asked a great question about teaching a short 30-minute high intensity class.

Hi jennifer,
what are your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for a 30:00 power cycle class.  I have some reservations about this.  is it an appropriate time frame to properly and safely coach a ride?  I’m thinking it is a quick HIT  focus with very limited WU and CD.  If this is indeed appropriate to consider what are your suggestions.
I’ve never attended one and have been approached about the possibility of putting it on the schedule and want to be properly informed about it.
always appreciative,


I don’t see a problem with this format for a class. It would not be much different than doing a quick HIT workout on any other piece of cardio equipment. Of course, studies show that when the duration is shorter, intensity should be higher, so this would work best as an interval class.


  1. I give it a 11 on 10 🙂


  2. LOVE that song, thanks Jennifer.


  3. Thanks for this. I teach a “Cycle and Lift” class. (Half an hour Indoor Cycle, half an hour upper body workout) This sort of information suggestion is so helpful.

    Doug in Mississauga

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