Ask the Expert: Is this a contraindicated move?

Katie asked if this move was contraindicated. It is something that you might see in certain types of cycling races, such as track cycling. It requires huge amounts of power output, and hence, a potential enormous strain on the joints and musculature that is involved in turning the pedals. We take a close look at how that power is delivered before examining whether this technique is valid or viable in a typical indoor cycling environment.Katie of Kansas wrote in about a technique that she’s observed at her club:

Recently, I have heard that a few instructors have started to have students load resistance then bring pedals to a stop, move to 3rd, standing, then begin pedaling again with power.  I have a pretty strong opinion about this tactic but wanted to hear what some of the “experts” have to say.  Your thoughts? 

This is essentially a “track-stand” followed by a sprint effort. Tremendous power output is needed to overcome the resistance and move those pedals. Let’s examine how cyclists use this move, where the power comes from, and then decide if it is safe or valid for indoor cyclists.


  1. Great response! Thank you so much for the detailed, research-based response! I appreciate that you always give a “why”….. sometimes when we do the researchwe end up with new view point. Thanks again!

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