Ask the Expert: Field Testing in a 40-minute time frame

I received this question from Amy: can you do a field test if you only have a 40-minute time slot? What are some things to consider? I give a short review of the 8-minute field test and some suggestions for validating field tested (or talk tested) thresholds. This should help further your understanding of assessing your students and verifying that the numbers you arrived at are pretty close to their actual threshold.Amy sent me this question:

Hi Jennifer, I have several indoor cycling students who have begun using heart rate monitors regularly (our bikes do not have power meters) and who are interested in doing a field test to estimate LT. I teach a 40 minute class and need to be able to fit the test in that time frame. I teach 3 days in a row, same time of day. There is no way I can do two 8 minute efforts within one class given the time constraints. Therefore I was wondering If doing the 8 minute field test on 2 consecutive days would provide any meaningful results for people? Thanks!

Amy, I am so glad you are doing field testing and have convinced some students to wear heart rate monitors. That’s a big step!

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