Carole Harrell, Music Contributor

carloeCarole Harrell has been instructing indoor cycling classes for almost 20 years. She was part of the second wave of the Spinning certification process and has been teaching ever since becoming certified in the spring of 1996. Since that time she has also become certified in Precision Cycling, Keiser M3, and Krankcycling. She believes that ongoing training is a key element to her success, whether it be attending continuing education classes, completing online training or belonging to indoor cycling–specific groups such as ICA.

A large part of Carole’s strong connection with riders has to do with the profiles she develops and the music she chooses for her rides. Some of her riders call her “the encyclopedia of musical knowledge.” She loves and uses all genres of music in her classes (with the exception of Dixieland Jazz…that doesn’t excite her at all). She currently has over 2,800 artists, 4,000 albums, and 12,500 songs in her iTunes library and usually adds a couple of new songs a week. She is interested in the entire musical process…artists, instrumentation, songwriting, musical production, and collaboration and feels that music is the one universal language that touches everyone in some meaningful way. She is very honored and excited to share musical suggestions with you and hopes that your riders will be motivated, engaged, and enthused by the music you select for your playlists.

As Friedrich Nietzche once stated, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”