Karen Cruz, Content Manager and Music Contributor

Karen Cruz graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Pittsburgh and then hopscotched around the East Coast, finally settling down in Maryland. For the past 15 years she has worked as online marketing expert specializing in search marketing, SEO, social media, and display marketing.

In 2006, Karen took her love for outdoor riding indoors and took her first cycling class. She has been hooked ever since. In 2013 she became certified through MaddDog, allowing her to blend both cycling and her intense love of music. Since then she has been working on her STAR certifications.

Karen has a passion for music, which stems from parents who couldn’t have been more musically diverse. As a kid she could walk into her house on any given day and hear anything from classical, country, pop, classic rock, Motown, disco, to even Irish Celtic music. She tries her hardest to tailor profiles to meet the likes of her students, as well as finding some hidden gems that they might not be aware of just yet. She especially loves a good theme ride.

When not in front of the computer or on a bike, you can find Karen teaching cycle classes at her local Y, or outside playing in the dirt (she and her husband are garlic farmers).