Leslie Mueller, Educational Contributor

After 30 years of fitness consulting, Leslie Mueller was recently awarded the Best Personal Trainer in Marin County, CA, largely due to the effective alignment work she does with her clients. Her professional career began when she started personal training in 1990 while she was still in college earning a BS in kinesiology. Her athletic career was set in motion years earlier when she joined her first track team at the age of 11. She later moved on to triathlon and eventually placed third at the U.S. Nationals and ninth in her age group at the Sprint Distance Triathlon World Championship in 2009. It is accurate to say she has spent the majority of her life participating in sports and teaching fitness. 

As an injury-prone runner, she was motivated to learn more about mechanics and pain prevention. This ultimately led her to explore body alignment, the Egoscue Method, the Balance Method, and a more holistic view of body mechanics. The Egoscue Method is a program that uses specific exercises to treat pain and injury by addressing out-of-balance posture and alignment. 

Leslie Mueller was the director of instruction from 2013 to 2019 at Pelo Fitness, a company with indoor cycling studios in San Francisco and Marin County, CA. Pelo uses proprietary software, and set out to create a consistent brand of cycling classes that utilized their unique power zone system. They wanted classes to be safe and consistent with the latest science, but also provide a musical or “rhythm ride” experience. Leslie had been teaching indoor cycling since 1995 and had partnered in a studio called Cycling Fusion Marin from 2009 through 2012. Her experience made her the perfect match. They hired Leslie to write the Pelo training manual and create the intensive instructor training program. The program spans six weeks and it often takes instructors several months before they are formally approved to teach a Pelo class. 

Oh, and she has taught her adorable cat, Boogie, to do tricks.

We are thrilled to have Leslie contribute her unique approach and expertise.