Tom Scotto

coach-tomTom Scotto is the Director of Education and Technology for the Indoor Cycling Association where he writes educational articles and instructor profiles, creates and edits the videos, presents workshops, and helps with the overall Masterplan of the company. He also heads the company’s efforts in developing their first online instructor iPhone application (to be launched spring 2014).Tom’s specialty is technical training, but never without humor, passion and great variety. Prior to joining ICA, he was the Director of Sport and Education for Cycling Fusion, and in 2006, the founder of a USA Cycling Elite level coach and competitive cyclist. As a presenter, Tom’s love for indoor cycling stems from his passion for coaching. He has worked with individuals, small groups and teams on all levels in his performance lab and on the road. Tom believes that coaching and creating a training plan should be based on a more complete picture. As a result, his services include biomechanics sessions (bike fitting), metabolic testing, mental training, performance nutrition, and muscle strength and conditioning. He serves as a consultant for local physical therapists concerning cycling-related injuries and on-bike rehabilitation. The knowledge Tom provides during his indoor cycling workshops and lectures are a product of both the latest training science and evidence-based research with over 300 clients. Tom is also a musician (drummer) with a degree in commercial arranging from Berklee College of Music. His music background, coupled with his previous career as a senior systems engineer, gives him a strong command of the technology required for music and video production. Tom frequently composes music and creates videos for indoor cycling and provides articles and workshops to teach instructors these skills. Tom still teaches 4 indoor cycling classes per week in the Boston area. He has merged his degree from Berklee College of Music, coaching, technology, and presenter skills together to deliver something unique and special to the indoor cycling industry.