Wednesday Timeless Classics: Chill-Out Guitar That Keeps the Pedals Turning? Yes!

Artist: Banda Sonora 
Song: Guitarra G (Original Chill Out Mix)
Album: Guitarra G
Time: 7:24
Genre: electronic, house
BPM: 128
Category: climb
Available: iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify

This house track with a Latin flair released in 2001 will surprise you. It’s not your typical “house music” and has been a part of my repertoire since my early days of teaching Spinning®.

The electronic rhythm keeps your feet moving at a steady clip; the guitar soothes the mind. It’s great for when you need a long, chilled-out climb at a moderate intensity and consistent tempo. I like to use it for 6- to 8-minute hill repeats or a series of even longer climbs where the intensity needs to settle into a steady-state rhythm for long periods. Very little cueing is needed—just give your riders a goal, add a few technique reminders on the way, and meet them at the top. Let them stand on their own as needed.

While it’s pretty consistent throughout the whole 7.5 minutes, there is one break in the tempo at 1:15 for about 45 seconds. You can either stand or simply shut off your mind and focus on the guitar at this point. You’ll find your head nodding gently as you listen. 

If you wanted to do a theme playlist of all acoustic guitar songs, this one is a must since it has that electronic rhythm that works so well for indoor cycling. 

You’ll find several remixes of this track in Spotify, including some longer versions. My preference is the Chill Out Mix.


  1. Love this track – been a staple part of my annual Vuelta ride for many years. Great, steady state climbing as you build to a final track for a mountain top finish.

  2. Fantastic! It was the starting point to my newly named, “Peace to Power” ride

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