Wednesday Timeless Classics: In Honor of Martin Luther King

One year ago I posted about this Moodswings song, “Spiritual High,” which includes Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech. And then last August, I suggested you play it on the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights march. I said in that post, “I play it almost every year on Martin Luther King’s birthday, and neither I nor my students ever tire of it. It is a spectacularly beautiful song to use in a cycling class.”

Well, next Monday is when Martin Luther King’s birthday is celebrated, and of course you should play “Spiritual High.” But here is a new song for you that also includes parts of MLK’s speech. It should become a new “classic” for your inspirational profiles.

Artist: Bakermat
Song: Vandaag (Original Mix)
Album: Vandaag (Original Mix)
Time: 5:23
Genre: dance, jazz
BPM: 128
Category: climb, warm-up
Available: eMusic

There is not a lot of introduction needed to this song. It has a strong climbing beat, as well as a nice jazz influence, so it would work well as a warm-up, cool-down, or as a climb.


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  1. I really like this, Jennifer! Just added it to our MLK playlist. It’s a great song to ‘zone out’ to on a flat and just reflect on the magnitude of good this man achieved.

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