Wednesday Timeless Classics: Submersion in Oneself—the Perfect Introspection Track


  1. Wonderful tune! I will use it during the intro section of class, in which I explain the planned profile, do a form check, and ask riders to determine if today is a good day for their body to “bring it” or if they need a recovery ride and commit to one or the other. Cadence guidance will be 80-90 rpm.

  2. This music is amazing. I’m going to use it this week.
    I would use it when we are in meditating stage after our hears have experienced some impact.

  3. Wow, one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard

  4. This is one of ***** rated tracks in my library 🙂

  5. Like you, Jennifer, when I first heard the song I knew it would be a favorite of mine. Good Stuff!

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