Bryon Black, Music Contributor, Guest Columnist, Profile Creator

bryon_black_headshotBryon Black from Carlsbad, California, is a Star 3 Spinning instructor and member of the Krankcycle demo team with 12 years of teaching experience. Bryon believes that music is the easiest way to create powerful connections with the souls that attend our training classes. We all hear and feel beats and rhythms and that give us a universal language that connects and binds together. Bryon is also a master at enhancing the mind-body connection. Bryon’s musical influences are eclectic and varied, ranging from classical, Flamenco, punk, world, ska, rock, chill, electronica/dance, to African drums. Beats and rhythms transcend age, race, social, and economic status. We hear and feel beats, and that creates energy, movement, and positive emotions for all.

Bryon produces mixes for his regular Monday and Friday early morning classes and has produced mixes for Johnny G and charity rides including events like the Tour De Cove and Heal the Heart Ride.

Bryon is an accomplished cyclist, in addition to his many years as an indoor cycling instructor. He has participated in many time trial events on the SCNCA Masters series calendar, including the Fiesta Island time trial series, and he was a member of the Swami’s Masters Team, which scored second place in the 2008 State SCNCA Team Time Trial Masters Championships. When Bryon describes a race experience in his profiles, you can be sure he’s drawing on personal experience!

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