Christine Nielsen, Educational Contributor

chris_nielsen_headshotChristine Nielsen lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she worked for many years as a university research administrator. With access to the ocean, she discovered sliding seat rowing and became a competitive athlete and a certified coach. She eventually stepped away from academia to pursue other interests including dog training. During that period she had the great fortune to study with Bob and Marion Bailey, two of the best applied behaviorists in the world. Her experience with them gave her unique insights into the science of learning. Christine’s expertise on learning/behavior change with an emphasis on the practical has given her a rigorous and thoughtful approach to class/community development.

Chris is Spinning certified and the sole instructor at the St. Margaret’s Centre, a community recreational facility. She is currently completing the Can-Bike instructor program for outdoor cyclists and her experience with truly Keeping it Real is from taking her classes outside on the road. She has a special interest in new learners. Christine has a unique way with words and brings a special touch to the content at the Indoor Cycling Association, especially with her creative profiles that inspire students to think beyond just turning the pedals and breathing hard.

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