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Dixie Douville headshot_125Dixie DouvilleĀ  has been a registered nurse for 26 years, specializing in sports and cardiovascular medicine. She is the Owner of Pursuit of Wellness, LLC, a health and wellness consulting company and the founder of Girlfriends in Training. As a certified fitness professional for more than two decades, Dixie has been recognized for her knowledge in the areas of heart rate training, female athletics, running, cycling, and special populations. She is a former member of the Spinning master instructor team as well as a former Spin Pilates master instructor. She has been recognized by the American Council on Exercise and the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America as a continuing education specialist. Dixie is a USA Track and Field certified coach and a certified coach with Road Runners Club of America. Her current medical practice includes caring for athletes and coordinating programs for a sports medicine and sports performance program in northern NJ. As a consultant Dixie has published numerous articles, authored training manuals, and consulted for major corporations. She is an international conference speaker in the areas of wellness, health, and fitness. She coaches adult multisport athletes and runners. She has completed 23 marathons including Boston, Chicago, and New York as well as numerous other road races and multisport events. Dixie is the mother of three and has a very patient husband.


  1. I look forward to Jennifer’s info. I encounter every issue she speaks about and enjoy her coaching prompts. Question. I had a woman tell me she had a great instructor at her club in NYC who evaluated her performance by taking the temperature of her bike. That made him a great instructor! Can anyone explain???

  2. I’ve never been a fan of RWR – it feels like a chance to lose control of the legs, to slip, to hurt the knees. I’ve taught it about 5 times, ever!
    I need to find a poster of Mark Graffagnini or similar on a long climb to show the optimal position, and if it shows how he’s relaxed into the ride and the motion of the climb, even better! Thanks!

  3. Great Explanation! Thanks Boss !

  4. The finger tip riders also tend to bounce up and down in standing (the prancing pony) and are unable to sweep the pedals from 3 o’clock back to 9 o’clock. The manicure mashers are concentrating their forces between 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock.

    Look for the tell tale Bouncy McBoing-Boing climber and give them the hip correction. I always tell them that they will be much more powerful in the correct position (and the won’t look as kooky).

    Great info as always Jennifer!!!

  5. Loved the way you explained all of that, Jennifer! Being in the room with you while you are teaching is such a surreal experience, for the way that you speak is so calm, educated and direct. Those students that get to ride from you regularly are rather lucky as they can keep soaking in the words and become better and better! šŸ™‚

  6. Welcome to the group of instructors here that want to continually learn and challenge themselves to be better and done so here. A real treat will be to attend a riding session with jennifer and “be sure to pinch yourself that yes, it is really happening”. You’ll learn so much and by all means be a conduit and pass along ICA and it’s fabulous value to other instructors and GX directors.

  7. Sometimes, I feel like you are reading my mind! BIG FAT THANK YOU for this post!
    I am a beginning instructor and I cannot express how much I’ve learnt from you.

    Warm regards,

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