Friday Favorites: Catharticism

Artist: Duke Durmont, RYX
Song: Let Me Go
Album: Duality
Time: 6:06
Genre: EDM 
BPM: 128
Category: flat, race, climb
Available: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify

There is a Chinese proverb that states, “The tongue can paint what the eyes cannot see,” and this song epitomizes that phrase. The first 2 minutes are subtle and subdued, great for catching your breath after a challenging drill or delivering some words to encourage the riders to connect with what is about to come. 

Cue the goosebumps. With a slow-burning build of synth and electronics interspersed with soothing melodies, the crescendo is incredible. The rest of the song deserves complete silence, as riders will feel a well of emotion so deep it is indescribable. 

Prepare for the release of everything that is deep within. You could do a hard and heavy climb, or race to the beat—either way, this song will take over the soul. Tension is released just 30 seconds prior to the end. You have to hear it to understand it. 

Find a quiet space, turn off the lights, turn the volume up, and listen to this track before finding the perfect spot within your next playlist. Let me know what you felt.



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  1. The beat drop caught me off guard, I liked it! thanks. I will definitely use this song.

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