He Asked, She Said “Yes”

Lauren Ciambruschini taught the class of her life on Valentine’s Day. I saw her story and photos in a Facebook group and asked her if she would share it with the indoor cycling world. You are going to love this! I’ll let Lauren tell it from her point of view…

My Valentine’s Day–themed cycle class at Off the Chain Cycling Studio in Maryland turned out to be way more exciting than I had planned. With about 30 participants that evening, I was thrilled to have a large class filled with my regulars and lots of couples enjoying a workout together. The studio had been decorated with heart-shaped balloons by my manager, my playlist was fill. As a cool-down I played a special love song for my boyfriend and dedicated it to him, thanking him for always coming to my classes, for his love and support, and for encouraging me to work hard as an instructor.

Little did I know that he was planning to propose to me during the cool-down and that everyone in the class, including the studio manager and staff, knew about it all along! I was completely surprised and absolutely thrilled!

The fact that he didn’t pick a beach setting or plan a trip as a way to propose, but combined my love for fitness, love for cycling, and my love for him, was absolutely perfect and it was wonderful to have so many friends around when it happened.

Keith and I met on an online dating app. We both had gone through tough and heartbreaking marriages that ended in divorce. We truly feel blessed and beyond lucky to have found each other. When we began dating we agreed that we were both worth taking chances on, and that theme of “taking chances” has continued throughout our relationship. Every new step or adventure for us is all about taking a chance on each other. So when he said he wanted to take the biggest chance of all and ask me to marry him during his proposal, I immediately said yes—a very sweaty yes, but still YES.




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