Theme Ride Thursday: Hello, Spring!

Well Hello, Spring!

Winter doesn’t last forever, and with that we welcome spring! Say hello to warmer weather, longer days, the blooming of the trees and flowers (as well as your allergies), and getting to play outside again!

We’ve compiled our favorite songs that usher in the season to help you forget about the dog days of winter and overall just give you a feel-good vibe. So if you’re somewhere still shoveling snow, this playlist will be sure to help melt those winter blues away. We don’t really have an “Easter” bucket playlist but if you are into doing a theme ride for Easter, you can find some ideas in these three playlists. 

And don’t forget to change your clock this weekend!

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  1. I wish you would post some actual suggested play lists with these songs. I cannot use spotify where
    I work. Otherwise, I LOVE the ICA.
    thank you

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