Jennifer Klau, PhD, Educational Contributor

jennifer_klau_headshot_125Jennifer Klau (alias JFK) received her PhD in exercise physiology from the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Connecticut in 2011. She also earned her MA there in 2007. Jennifer holds a BS in communication from Boston University. A certified research geek, Jen loves explaining science in (mostly) plain English and debunking exercise myths new and old. Perhaps because she spent her formative years in the isolating environment of competitive swim training, another of Jennifer’s passions is helping her students tap into their mental strength. And yes, she’ll explain the science behind it, too. Jen was a master instructor for the Spinning program for eight years and she is thrilled to continue the teaching journey through ICA. When she can escape the lab and/or her computer, Jen can be found acquiring power data on her road bike, or seeking stillness (it’s a challenge) on her yoga mat. For reasons she still can’t figure out, Jennifer has cycled Mt. Washington six times. Jen is certified by ACSM as a Health Fitness Specialist.

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