John Chappell, Director of Operations

John Chappell graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia and entered the field of broadcasting in 1976. For 11 years he worked as an on-air talent, a production director, a music director, and a program manager. In 1987 John shifted gears and careers when he decided to go into business as a fitness center owner in Atlanta, Georgia. For five years he managed a franchise of Australian Body Works in the Atlanta, Georgia, suburb of Dunwoody. During this time he became an IDEA certified group exercise instructor, teaching everything from high-impact aerobics to the new step aerobics craze. In 1992 John and his family relocated to Auburn, California, and started their own fitness center, which he managed for 19 years. During this time, John became certified to teach Spinning by Madd Dogg Athletics and introduced the Spinning program to his facility. John’s involvement as a Spinning instructor also led to his pursuit of participation in outdoor cycling. After purchasing a road bike and participating in many long-distance events as a recreational cyclist, John decided to become licensed to race under the guidelines of USA Cycling. John raced criteriums and road races for two seasons beginning as a CAT 5 and then moving into the CAT 4 level. In 2012 John decided to close his fitness center and relocate to Davis, California, home of the Bicycling Hall of Fame.  He wanted to continue to be involved in fitness and cycling and was in the right place at the right time when Jennifer Sage was looking for someone to help her grow the Indoor Cycling Association. Since November 2012 John has been ICA director of operations and is very excited to be a part of such a prestigious and wonderful group of professionals who always “Keep it Real.”


  1. John – I am 72, serious spinner and have over 25 years of road cycling experience, but I will never be a spin instructor. I think your content is great.

    Do you have a special rate for retired, old guys, who have a great deal of knowledge to share? The $119 a year is too steep for me.


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