Kick-Butt Team Competition Cycling Profile

Get ready for another butt-kicking profile from Bill Pierce! This is a high-intensity interval ride targeted at Joe Friel’s Power Zone 5a (anaerobic, 102%–105% of FTP, or just above lactate threshold heart rate). The work-to-recovery ratio of the repetitions is 1:1, which is very challenging and aggressive.

This profile allows participants to get their competitive juices flowing as they challenge themselves in a non-intimidating, team-oriented competition. While it is intended to be targeted primarily at a Zone 5a intensity level, the structure of the ride enables individuals with various levels of fitness and cycling experience to participate. If they have been indoor cycling participants for a while and have a solid base, they can push themselves and test their fitness. If they are new to exercise or indoor cycling, they may still compete alongside their more fit teammates without feeling intimidated or forced to work harder than they should. Make sure to emphasize this at the beginning of the class so they know it’s OK to go easier if needed. Everyone can enjoy the team camaraderie and friendly rivalry that this class fosters.

The Spotify playlist can be found below.  Unfortunately Bobeeppeep and You Got Me Burning were not available. 

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  1. I used this profile with 2 of my classes this week – a 5:30 a.m. and a 6:30 p.m. Very different energy levels in each group. Both classes loved it, and everyone agreed it kicked their butts! They want to do it again. 🙂

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