Landing Your Next Indoor Cycling Gig: A Practical Guide to Auditioning, Part 3

In this final post of our series on auditions, we cover what to do immediately after the audition and what to do when you get the news of “yay” or “nay.”

That’s a Wrap

It’s the end of the audition day and now you are free to go. You hear the famous parting words: “Thank you. We will get back to you.”

Leave a good impression with those who ran the audition by shaking their hand and thanking them for the opportunity to show your skills. Confirm whether they will be contacting everyone who auditioned or only successful applicants and by what deadline.

The Next Day

Send an email to the person in charge, thanking them again for the chance to audition and, if you can, providing positive feedback on the studio. For example, you could mention the sound system, lights, changing rooms, reception staff, the studio layout, etc. This shows them you paid attention to the space as a possible workplace. Reiterate that you relish the idea of teaching there.

Thanks, but No Thanks

Let’s get the bad case scenario out of the way. What should you do if you don’t get the job?

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