Mainstream Music Monday: Reunited, and It Feels So Good


  1. I just use the “All About You (feat. Foster The People) – Tensnake remix” last week for accelerations as the second song in my endurance profile warm-up. While it is longer (5:23) and faster (118 bpm), we rode off the beat (90-100) for 3 sets of accelerations (15-3-60 sec) at HZ3 (80-85 between accelerations @HZ@-LZ3). I had planned to use it for my next MMM post until I saw this post. I LOVE your taste in music!

  2. Karen, I used “All About you” as the warm up for my this week’s class ride as you recommended. I also used “Ride or Die” as a TABATA to end the work part of the ride before cool down – 8 x 20 on, 10 off at 105 RPMS. Both were great songs to use. Thanks.

    1. Author

      That’s great! Really appreciate the feedback, too!

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