Master Class Profile: Negative-Split Threshold Intervals

This profile by Leslie Mueller uses the concept of negative-split training to assist riders in developing aerobic and muscular endurance while targeting threshold training. The precise structure of this ride also gives fitness enthusiasts an opportunity to master body awareness skills and practice managing their efforts. It is an excellent way to teach new riders and those used to short intervals the concept of pacing. It also prepares riders for FTP testing in the future.

This profile is in our longer Master Class format with extensive cueing suggestions to help you guide your riders through the high-intensity efforts so they stay committed through the second, more difficult half of each interval. We also provide the short express profile in Excel format.


  1. I really like this profile. Can I ask what your intended terrain is for the duration of the ride? Your RPM’s tend to be all over the place and I’m not sure what’s going on. You addressed a hill climb on the 1st negative split but I’m not sure what the others are? Thanks so much!

  2. Good profile. Negative splits are very hard because they require two mental attributes that need to be developed: patience and discipline. Only 2 of my 48 marathons have been negative splits, which indicates how hard they are. It’s difficult to maintain a slow, steady pace at the start and really challenging to pick it up past mile 20 when your legs are fatigued. My “Strong Start or Fast Finish” profile ( was similarly about pacing but at higher intensity for shorter durations.

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