Mastering the Endurance Ride, Part 2: Cueing, Dialogue, and Music

Part two of this endurance coaching series focuses on using your voice and on your cueing, dialogue, and music as tools to engage your students and help facilitate their connection to their bike and to their breath. These coaching tips are not just for coaching an “endurance” ride, but any ride in which introspection and mindfulness is one of your objectives.

Mastering the Endurance Ride: The turning point in making you a more complete instructor.

Part 1 discussed the teaching styles of Entertaining versus Engaging and proposed ways to ensure that the studio environment did not distract from your goal to engage the student. Part 2 explores your cueing and dialog, and the use of silence and music to enhance the experience.



  1. Check out the great album Imagination in Motion by Shephira. It’s free from Ektoplazm and suitable for endurance ride!
    Even the cover is the pic of 7 Chakhras (energy channels) that gives me an idea to cue on focusing since I am also a yoga instructor 🙂
    Thank you Bryon and Jennifer for your guidance.

  2. Since I already have both in my collection, it’s just a new “arrangement” of something I already own but for spin, it’s much better.

    Anyone getting the QuickTime bar when trying to download – you need to right-click and choose the “save link as” option. I got the QT bar when I accidentally left-clicked instead.

  3. Thanks Pru, glad you are enjoying it. Wait until you read part 3! I am very pleased to have Bryon as a contributor. This is such an eye-opening article.

  4. Both parts 1 and 2 are excellent! A good read and thanks for the music suggestions – I’ve just brought Sunday 8pm from Amazon for only 1p, and can’t wait to use it. Thanks!!!

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