Power to the Masses, Part 4: Form

Over the past three weeks, we have provided three alternative methods of introducing and using power in your indoor cycling classes—Power CTW. We look forward to feedback on the methods you tried and how your riders responded. To keep track of all of those powerful efforts, we have created a form that your riders can use. Download it below. Two versions of the form are included: one using power-to-weight in pounds, and the other in kilograms.

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  1. Wonderful sequence of articles. Looking forward to using each in my Power/Heart Rate classes.

  2. thank you. I have followed a very similar approach like the handout only without this wonderful convenience you’ve provided us. I provide a post it note on a hard plastic file card with a pen on riders bikes so they can track their work at any time whether we are specifically power focused or not. I’m going to print, laminate and distribute these to my riders. A huge time saver for me and your time and effort much appreciated, Tom.

    One of the best practices i always include in my classes power or not, is to use recoveries as a time for riders to talk and share what they just did, what they saw on their consoles, how they and the work felt even if their not on a bike with a console. I encourage them to share how they handle the particular set of work and effort mentally, physically and emotionally. I WANT them talking in recovery. Not to compare themselves, but for building a connection with someone they may not have ever talked to before, to provide a way for them to monitor their PE during the work and recovery since many don’t wear HRM, to help burn to memory their work and data by verbalizing it, to gain tips from their ride buddy and for any questions. It’s not chaos. it’s a designated time then back to listening to the introduction of work to come. Using this recovery practice and data tracking of power I now hear my riders talking and sharing their work as soon as recovery time commences without me even initiating it. Quite funny to watch the expressions of surprise from people new to my classes to not only using their consoles for CTW or RTW but to see tools for tracking their data but when the talking begins and it’s ride focused. I hear from so many riders how many instructors and classes don’t want them talking. I do. Of course, data tracking and sharing are all optional but usually riders will eventually ease themselves into it, see the power if gives them over their ride and make a new friend at the same time.

    I had two new guys to my class on Tuesday night where we worked on recognizing the effects of cadence and resistance on power output. One is IC rider and the other an outdoor casual rider. Neither had experienced the joy of using the console or working with data to guide their work. They loved it and how it changed what they did, saw and felt.

    We all walked out feeling really good about what just happened in that room that night.

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