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Power Training for Indoor Cycling Chapter 18 Part 1: Improving Your Power

At the end of the day, philosophies come and go, but it’s the results that will endure. Training for improved power levels is the same as improving any other aspect of your sport. You must train specifically for the improvements you desire.

Raise your Limiters


  1. Author

    Very good catch Julie – it should read “will NOT…” improve their power. Howerver, this is a little tricky since I do spend a lot of time discussing the efficiency gains in the lower zones, and indeed your power will increase there even if you NEVER ride in Zone 5. To be more accurate with the statement above, I will have to edit the book to say “…will NOT improve their TOP END power…” I need to add the three words in caps. Thanks again.

  2. In the last paragraph is it suppose to be “that a rider will or WILL NOT improve their power until they are strong enough to reach at least Zone 5”? Thanks for the clarification

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