Prepping for a Reset, Part 1

The workout is intense. High-intensity intervals run amok. Full out! All out! Everything you got! This is the mode we have been in over the summer months and early fall weeks. For many this is known as peak fitness, earned after months and months of dedicated riding and training. When we achieve this level of fitness and the associated intensity, we don’t want it to stop. Herein lies the problem. Unless we dial it back and let the body fully recover, we not only fail to improve further, but eventually lose what we’ve gained…or worse. How do we transition our riders out of an intensity frenzy and prepare them to reset and rebuild their fitness at the start of another year?


  1. Awesome Prepping for Reset! Can’t say enough about you, Jennifer and the rest of your team. I’m addicted to this website! I find I am a better instructor because of you and and all this educational, fun and inspiring information. This is the best kind of addiction! You rock!!

  2. This is great Tom. I run like this all year, steady over winter, bit of education on heart rate training and now starting to amp up as we head to Xmas here in Australia. What I find frustrating is the pre choreographed program’s are the same regardless of season and so members ride with me once a eek then hit RPM for yet another HITT session. Tricky

  3. Love it, gave me time to reflect on all my years in the fitness industry…. and always as you say – refocus.

  4. This concept is the hardest one to convey to members and instructors alike. I am so thankful you are addressing this issue again in a dedicated series of articles and would like permission to share them with a few people who would benefit from the knowledge and experience you have in this area.

  5. thanks tom. it’s the principle i follow with all my classes and speak so often to my riders about honoring their work in class and their body to absorb that work and use it for the betterment of themselves in the long run. I have found that not only is a periodized program healthy for fitness and my riders but it makes my class planning from month to month much easier. I know right where i am in the training plan and right were to go to for the next month’s progression of profiles to deliver. It has saved me a ton of time in preparation.

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