Prepping for a Reset, Part 5: Legs a Pumping

In order to prepare for the lung-burning intervals our riders know and love, some conditioning is needed. In addition to aerobic conditioning, the muscles of the legs need to be ever ready and everlasting. Here is the first of two profile outlines on leg muscle conditioning—muscular endurance.

For Your Fitness Enthusiasts

Nothing creates lean, sexy leg muscles like long, steady climbing; a perfect balance of resistance, cadence, and duration. Efforts that target muscular endurance are performed at a lower intensity simply because they need to be sustained. Long climbs primarily seek out Zone 3, a cadence between 65 and 80 rpm, and last 3 to 30+ minutes. Wow, that is quite a range of time! Like any good training approach, riders may need to start with efforts on the short side as they begin conditioning muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Offering climbs of different lengths also allows riders to explore their own muscular fitness. Indoor cycling is an excellent and safe way to achieve strength gains without the sometimes unforgiving impact on joints.

For Your Outdoor Cyclists

Outdoor riders require no convincing that cycling involves ample muscle strength and endurance. Regardless of whether one is participating in a charity ride, weekend jaunt, or competitive throw-down, as soon as the road turns upward, your legs strike up a strong conversation. Indoor cycling can provide endless mountain passes climbable by anyone and everyone. As many outdoor riders know, it can be a challenge to find just the right climb—one that is long enough and not too steep. The indoor bike has every perfect mountain, literally at your fingertips.

Sample Profile Outline—Muscle Endurance

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