Profile: Group Ride—4 Hills

Outdoor cyclists use the term “group ride” to describe organized (and not so organized) rides that often leave from predetermined destinations. These rides may start at a local bike shop or a convenient coffee shop. In many cases, group rides run on a regular weekly schedule, each with their own specific route. This profile follows one of the many routes my club and I use. Riding at a moderate to hard pace, it literally takes an hour to complete. With the exception of the warm-up and cool-down on Massachusetts Avenue, it is a loop. The first hill (Grove Street), third hill (Woods Street), and last hill (Mass Ave.) are between a 5.5% and 6% grade. The second hill (South Road) is a 2.5% to 3% grade. The smaller grades make for very aggressive and fast climbing; one needs to be on alert for random attacks of kindness.

The Spotify playlist can be found below:


  1. Just rejigged this for my bank holiday class tomorrow, so nice to have some different music choices, thanks Tom.

    1. Author

      Gillian, I’m glad it helped.

  2. A two day 50 mile non-competitive cycling even called The Hilly Hundred that takes place in southern Indiana region every October. There are all levels that participate in the Hilly Hundred and for many it’s a first time outdoor major goal and achievement and a means by which they measure their past IC training. i’ve featured the profile for several years now so those that don’t ride outdoors or can’t make the event will have the opportunity to have some fun and “bragging rights.” There are some short but super steep sections and other hills more forgiving with rolling downhills. Apple cider from a local orchard replaces our coffee stop.

    This is the link to all the information for that event.

    1. That’s so cool, Renee!

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