Theme Ride Thursday: Chase Danger with this Spy-Themed Playlist and Profile

From our vault…

October 5 is James Bond Day. This date marks the release of the first James Bond film, Dr. No, in 1962. Ride in style with our “Shaken, Not Stirred” profile inspired by Mr. Bond himself. 

Click on the play button below and you’ll instantly be transported to a world of intrigue, danger, and, of course, sexuality. The James Bond theme song is one of the most universally known theme songs across the world. It was first recorded in 1962 by the John Barry Orchestra for the movie Dr. No. This song laid the groundwork for an entire genre called “spy music” that was popular in the ’60s.

To honor this genre we have both a spy-themed playlist and profile, aptly called “Shaken, Not Stirred,” created by Larry Kenney.

The novelty of this HIIT profile lies in the theme that ties the music collection together. In addition to songs from the 007 soundtracks, this profile includes tunes from other espionage thrillers and popular music, stitching together a satisfying spy-thriller result.

The profile is built around three loops increasing in intensity, punctuated by a climbing challenge at the end of each segment, followed by an active recovery before cranking the effort back up. It will hold your riders’ interest with a number of drills. The profile begins with a warm-up to the James Bond theme to set the mood for the class.

Although this version of the class is 45 minutes, you can use the spy-themed bucket playlist below to either expand the profile time or better suit your song preferences.


  1. LOVE IT! I have never taken an entire profile and playlist and used it, but this one will fit the bill for most of my groups. Great ride, great mix to make it come to life.

  2. this is so great! They loved every moment. thank you

  3. Sounds like fun! thank you Karen!!

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