Sub Standards, Part 2: The Riders, NOT the Instructor

In part 1, we discussed the difficulty of using a substitute instructor your riders like (or won’t stone), the challenge when other instructors do not “keep it real,” and teaching your class to respect your subs. Part 2 will focus on moving past a potential negative impression of your class, valuing the riders’ workout, and how to prep your sub for success. These are three areas I’ve seen hinder instructors from finding a sub and providing a positive experience in their absence.


  1. I learn a lot from taking other instructors classes. I not only take the ‘good’ ones but also these I know members complain about. This is where we learn what our mistakes are, where we can adapt, what we can take from that class and what not to do. This is where you see what the members want. This is where you can feel what your body goes through.

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