Taking Stock of the Year So Far

Now that summer is here, we may find ourselves thinking back to New Year’s resolutions and all of the well-intentioned goals that were set for 2016. It’s actually the perfect time for taking stock of the year so far. A moment of reflection mid-year can help us to either maintain our motivation or get re-energized for staying in control and on track with your plan. Whether you’ve strayed from the original game plan, need to make a few course corrections, or deserve a proper pat on the back for following through on your goals, the questions below can act as a friendly challenge to propel you to get results for the rest of the year.

As a quick reminder, goals work to focus our attention on the things that are most relevant to our performance. They also motivate us to develop effective strategies for success that require optimal effort and persistence. Often, regardless of the outcome, the process of working toward a specific goal builds confidence and lowers anxiety (Burton, 1989).

Proper evaluation and feedback about your progress as an indoor cycle instructor is essential if goals are going to work as intended. Work through the seven reflection questions outlined below to assess how you’ve done, and what changes might be necessary to carry you through to a successful year end. The more detailed you are in your analysis, the easier it will be to identify positive and negative patterns in your fitness instructing so that you can make the necessary adjustments for your very next class.

While this is important for anyone who wants to experience growth in their life as an instructor or coach, it is especially important for those who have specific goals to progress to a role as a leader, manager, or master instructor.


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