Teaching With Video: An Interview with Allen Jones of epicRIDES

Allen Jones of epicRIDES tells us what inspired him to enter the world of virtual rides, what makes epicRIDES different, and his latest release—the Race Across America (RAAM).

epicRIDES - Designed with Indoor Cycling Classes in Mind!

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  1. Awesome interview between Allen Jones and Tom Scotto. Great videos and training aides for indoor cycle classes. My favorite is the “Epic Acadia National Park” ride in Bar Harbor, Maine.

  2. Oahu would fit this format well, but you’d see traffic. Have used imagery in classes like this, metering out exertion by explaining how long it would take, etc. Love this.

  3. Thanks Tom and Allen. I have ridden your Acadia National Park ride several times with our classes and have really enjoyed the experience and bringing this to our riders. There was some confusion as to the the matching of the terrain/video to the dashboard. sometimes riders were in a climb but the dashboard didn’t seem to reflect that. I did give cues and coached the ride based on the video terrain giving riders the option to ride with the dashboard if they preferred that instead. Any thoughts or suggestions on this?
    I am excited about the RAAM video as i designed my own ride based on the race and curious to see how my profile matches with your video.
    thanks for any tips or suggestions.

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