Teaching with Video: Interview with Cornelia de Vos from Indoor Cycling Videos

As virtual rides become more and more popular, it is great to see new companies bring their style and scenic inspiration to the indoor cycling studio.

Enjoy my conversation with Cornelia de Vos of Indoor Cycling Videos while you view some vivid HD footage from Germany.

Click here to go to the Indoor Cycling Videos website.

The exceptionally beautiful scenery videos for Indoor Cycling at Indoor-Cycling-Videos.com are produced by fitvid, a German company. These videos can be used at home, at the gym, or (with a license for commercial use) for coaching and teaching indoor cycling classes at the gym. Each video is one full interruption-free cycling trip from one town (the starting point) to another town (the arrival point) through small villages, fields and woods and give the cyclist a feeling of a real bike ride in beautiful rural Germany.


  1. Excellent videos! I started using Cornelia’s videos right after she started making them available to the public. To this day, my students love them. I relate a lot of what I see in the videos to my cycling experience when living in Europe.

  2. Very interested in teaching video classes. Can you tell me what equipment is needed. Can you use a laptop? Etc. Thanks for any info.
    I teach at several clubs.

  3. Cornelia’s videos are very, very good! I used one today in class and the riders were blown away at how smooth the video comes across the screen. I look forward to the opportunity to get more of her works of art. Awesome!

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